Message from Executive Director

Cambodia has passed its many regimes until succeeding peace upon the Paris accord. After the civil war period, what Cambodian people and the government wanted is the development across all sectors, particularly the economy. Economic development policy relies on two factors: Macro Economy Policy and Micro Economy Policy. Improving domestic product is one of the government purposes which focus on developing domestic enterprises and family economy. In order to improve family economy, it is required to make regular income through businesses and careers.  

Successful business is based on two main factors:
-    Having the right capacity and skills in actual businesses; and

-    Having enough funding resource.

The Cambodian Family Economic Organization was established considering the fact that people are facing difficulty in dealing with their careers and businesses. A large number of people have the intension in doing businesses, but they are lack of capacity, skills and fund, which is the barrier in fulfilling their wishes. Therefore, the establishment of the organization will play an important role in assisting and facilitating their needs based on its defined vision and mission.

Our vision is to have Cambodian family economy developed at the highest level through their developed capacity and skills in managing their own businesses, while our mission specifically covers business management capacity building by providing training and business consulting services as well as several other means including human resource, finance, information technology, and market solution. These are defined in order to prevent from risks that may happen in people’s business operation and to assure improvement and success in their careers.



Yen Savy (Mr.)
Executive Director


Cambodian Family Economic Organization

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